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Forum Rule - Read First

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Forum Rule - Read First

Post by SunnyDeolFan on Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:47 pm

Hi Sunny Deols Fan
Please Read the Forum Rules Before you start Posting in the Forum

1. Don't not post nude photos... The photos be delete and the user will be banned forever from the forum.
2. Do not post a link to Nude Website or Sex website... the post be delete and also the User will be banned forever.
3. Do not post bad language member that post same of this Post be banned for ever.
4. We looking around the internet. If we find that one of the member here use our stuff or other member stuff on his name this member be banned for 60 days Until Choose what to do... if The member not answer after 60 days his account be banned forever.
5. Member that will spamming more the 10 time be banned to 20 days.

If you member find same of the member that broke any of this rules...
You can come here and leave a massage to me and I dissed what to do with this member....

Have A nice day
Your Admin SunnyDeolFan (Nurit Zur)

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